Friday, December 28

Blog round up of 2007

Well its getting to that time of the year again. The End. Or is it The Start? Depends on your 2007 I guess.

Rereading the happenings reported on here has made me realise just how much has been going on during the year. And how few trips away I actually managed compared to 2006. But then this summer's weather, as many 2007 round-ups are about to observe, was Not Quite Right.

So diving right in.........

A quiet start to the year, and some bloke called Bearded Git starts his blog, and the seemingly endless voyage to seek out new website addresses during the year and meanwhile Judy Armstrong prepares for her Alpine Challenge

Alan Sloman start his Lejog wander whilst a member of the traditional media, Cameron McNeish, editor of TGO Magazine joins the blogging community, and Skiddaw House near Keswick reopens.

The 5,000 site visitor and a relaunch of the Outdoors Station following legal noises from the US (do they own everything yet?) And lo, there was a coming together of the wordy geeks under the banner of the UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ® and the set-up of the Outdoor Bloggers Forum, initially for the UK based outdoor blogger/podcaster, but proving, by the end of 2007 to have attracted a very active international outdoor membership. And then there was the obligatory NEC Outdoors Show 2007 roundup

A meet with a reader ....... and a bog trot with a blogger. Harvey Mountain Maps 1:40,000 series caught my attention with their Lake District offering and the Backpackers Club held their AGM at Bellingham, with a revised format which proved to be an extremely successful. Meanwhile in a quiet corner of John Hee Towers the idea of the Hip-pack Competition 2007 was born.

BASECAMP, a national supporter's group for Mountain Rescue Teams arrived just in time for the TGO Challenge. But not an area covered for one poor blogger with an untimely finish. He had a unwanted encounter with the Scottish branch of said service.
And visitor #10,000 pops by.

I escape to the lakes, and there meet with some of the UK Outdoor Bloggers, and to celebrate the TGO Website launches whilst Alan Sloman completes his LEJOG Challenge busting his charity fund target wide open, and starts to ponder his next move.

The Hip-pack Competition 2007 launches and to celebrate a flying trip to Scotland, quite literally. But sad news as Steve Perry’s 10x10 Challenge comes to an untimely finish but perversely there's a cornucopia of Outdoor related TV programmes to enjoy.

The 766g Terra Nova Laser Photon. puts in an appearance at last and this time I celebrate by a return to the chiropractor. Meanwhile the UK Outdoor Bloggers take this opportunity to meet again, this time in the Brecon Beacons where they're suitable entertained by the meteor showers, and the display augers well for the Online Fellwalking Club website make-over

A quick blogger meet up with a Wildcamp at the Dorset Seaside where luckily we don't come across the makers of the pagan/witchcraft site found later in the month

Results and winner(s) of the Hip-pack Competition 2007 are announced and the appearance of Love in a Tent - the first outdoor blogger to find a book deal. Whilst on things media, some thoughts on Joe Simpson's latest film and remarks from the man himself on reaching 40

More weird goings on in the New Forest some unique in one way, some in a completely different manner

A return to a recurrent topic - risks - Acceptable V Unnecessary with the Dorset climber rescue. But on a lighter note the 2007 Bloggers Panto starts its ego trip and fame (of a sort) comes to JH Towers.

And as the hands of the clock approach year end, and the site visit counter draws closer to the 20,000 mark, I'm delighted to see that nearly 50% of you that drop in feel inclined to come back for more.

For, as most of us that deliver this bloggy thing on an amateur basis come to understand, the statistics are just numbers.

What counts is that of the 370 odd posts delivered during the course of this year there is something that has kept you, the esteemed and welcome reader entertained, informed, amazed and perhaps even shocked (I deliberately left out disgusted - lol)

But mostly we're just happy to share our outdoor thoughts & observations together. Pleasant conversation as we wander along the track towards 2008, ideas for next year's trips, gear and far-off places already starting to form as a glint in our mind's eye.

Springs on its way folks - Hurrah!


My 2007 round-up was completed two days ago and has been set up to auto-publish on the turn of the year, so that I don't hash it up due to the affluence of incahol.

Feeling smug, I looked here only to find that you've used exactly the same format and most of the same details. "Oh fiddlesticks", I said. Or something like that.

So, it looks like I'm off to reformat mine so that it doesn't look like I've ripped mine from yours.

Cheers, John.

glad i could be of help Stef
I wouldn't worry - we've travelled much the same ground this year, so similarities are to be expected surely?
Thx for the entertainment/information/inspiration
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