Monday, December 17

Podzine 17/12/07 - The Lost Tapes or Meet The Fockers?

Its been a long time coming, but finally the infamous 'Lost Blogger Tapes' are starting to appear for public perusal. Kicks in around 26 minute mark with mine host at around 33 minutes. "One of the most prolific bloggers in the UK" (that will definitely get me ribbed remorselessly - thanks Andy -lol)

Podzine 17/12/07

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The sight of a microphone does have a tendency of making the mind go blank with suspicious ease. And all of a sudden my language becomes very self censorious - I didn't say a*se once; Bugger that's blown that winning streak again.

Thanks Andy for the compliments. Now I get to pick out certain key phrases for the blog blurb, especially once I work out what idiosyncratic means. (Something to do with idiots and sin maybe? Very near the mark that one)

Hope the wait was worth it.

Form an orderly queue here for autographs. All proceeds to my favourite charity.
Hee hee.

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