Monday, December 3

More podcasts & some Christmas outdoor gear ideas

Apologies in advance for this post to all you out there feeling a little informationally overloaded. After all its not as if you really need any more internet interaction, or more content to consume. Especially with the surplus of silly TV/Radio adverts/inadvertent product being stuffed down the throat in this run up to the "festive" season (And what an irony that thought conjures up - any how let's not get started on that one tonight!)

BBC Radio is releasing even more of their radio show content via Podcast.

First up is the excellent Ramblings with Clare Balding this week featuring exTGO staffer Jonathan Manning, for some reason listed as editor of Country Walking Magazine (that was a quick retirement - lol)

And if you still can't get to sleep at night, how about BBC Radio 5 Live's Pods and Blogs which I think Podcast Bob has occasionally graced with his presence.

And to mitigate hogging your time - how about checking out Bob's Chrissie ideas to save all that foot slogging?

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I may be horribly wrong here, but isn't that a different Manning?
No, you're right Alan. Different JMs. Jonathan Manning has been editor of Country Walking for quite a few years. John Manning has disappeared into darkest Yorkshire.
Mystery solved - thanks guys. Who would have thought that such a similar name would have turned up in the same niche area.
Thanks for these podcast ideas John. I have just discovered the joy of listening to stuff I want to listen to, rather than some drivel from the radio. Like your blog, lots of good information. Frank
thanks Frank - glad to be of help
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