Friday, November 30

View from a high place - Liverpool

Well Atkoman got it in one. Its the new Liverpool Arena due to open in 42 days.

One of the taxi drivers I rode with told me that the building has been sunk down into the ground around 100ft or so, to reduce the impact on view of the Mersey view from buildings behind it.

If anyone has happened to visit Liverpool in the last 18 months or so the level of new construction is astounding, especially where major buildings are concerned. At present none of the work could be said to be anything but on the HUGE scale. And all in preparation for the city's role as European Capital of Culture in 2008. A city bursting at the seams with civic pride at present. And surprisngly not that bad a place to visit considering its (exported) problems sometimes suffered by those of us the south coast.

Goes to show that a little openess of mind can pay off.


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