Monday, November 12

A catchup on the outdoor and walking blog sites

Alistair over at eBothy Blog has been been walking and climbing for over 23 years both in the UK and abroad. Plus he's taken the time and trouble to qualify as a Summer Mountain Leader. He's applied himself in a similarly diligent way to his site which includes a thoughtful blog with posts going back to last year.

Recommended & added to my links list.

There's a different approach from HAE (Half Ass Expeditions) Wilderness Survival Guide. Now don't worry too much about the Wilderness/USA tag (which tends to turn me right off usually) as this site has lots of generic information and some good ideas whilst covering food, gear, advice and even games

"....some great fun and extreme adventure climbing the White Mountains in the middle of the winter, which, as anyone who is familiar with the region can tell you, is quite a test of backpacking survival skills"

A group with a sense of humour!

And finally ............. Ali and Lay’s Mountaineering Blog has joined the moving target trend and can now be found here.

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