Sunday, November 11

New Forest: Fairy Glen and Thought for the Day

After last week's mention about Fairy Folk, and following some further detective work, my trip out today felt a little like a scene from The X-Files to be honest. The Aim: to Seek The Truth (We Are Not Alone?)

Frankly the tale sounded a little far fetched to me. Fairies at the bottom of the garden! Pah - we all have some of those at the bottom of our garden/window box etc. Surely.

Err. Yes. Ok. Keep taking the pills. Those little yellow ones that work so well.

Anyway - anything left for long in the more tourist infested spots in the NF tends to be removed/damaged relatively quickly.

Approaching a fording point on a small forest stream less than five minutes walk from the road, and minutes drive from that famous New Forest pub/camp site 'The Red Shoot', I came across this greeting.

Dingly Dell
And from this point the pictures speak for themselves. There's nothing much I can add.

(Well you try coming up with something relevant to describe this surreal situation )

Just hanging around?

Ray Mears wuz ere?

Cheaper than a Directline Insurance quote?

Who's nicked my door?

A Sunday afternoon nap after a visit to the nearby pub?

After all this I quietly withdrew leaving the local community to its own ends. I was off to explore the surrounding ridges.

Now surely nothing would top this one today........?

Half an hour later I spotted a brick building high atop a ridge. Very remote. Purpose unclear.

And finding it to be a building, rather than a water tank as I first thought, I cautiously entered
(Please note - attack dog at the ready)

Only to be met by this:

Someone's having a laugh with me today.

Top that one walking magazines/forums. Surely worth a cheeky post on Outdoors Magic?

(I've deliberately avoided posting any of the precise locations. If you want to know better drop me an e-mail)

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Looks a great place and cool photos too
see more little homes in the new forest at
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