Sunday, October 28

TV: When Hell Freezes

No, not the title of the Eagles latest offering but another film/documentary from Channel 4 to be screened during prime time this coming Monday (21:00 - 22:35)

Following on after Joe Simpson's 'Beckoning Silence' last week tomorrow's programme relates Douglas Mawson's 1912 Antarctic expedition (or more relevantly the failure of it) that resulted in his 315-mile trek sans his original companions, and most of the food.

I can't presently find out if there's any more of these daring-do tales to come, but the subject matter so far is well chosen, and if Simpson's offering is anything to go by, well put together.

Aren't we outdoorsy folk being spoilt at present

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And don't forget Charley and Ewan's Long Way Down starts tonight @ 9.00pm on BBC2
Already on my essential viewing list, especailly as I'm working my way through the book at the same time
I believe that Channel 4's Edge of Endurance season of three films concludes the following Monday with the award-winning Deep Water - the fateful story of amateur yachtsman Donald Crowhurst and the disasterous 1968 Golden Globe race
Thanks for that A&L - I could smell a season of something in the offing
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