Saturday, October 20

Joe Simpson's new film - an exclusive viewing

......or at least that's what I thought at the time. But wait I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here.

Yes I'm back after a week in the semi-tamed wilderness better known as Liverpool. A city with oodles of civic initiatives and a population glowing with local pride. Just a pity that every sentence that I heard uttered in the city centre precincts seemed to be constructed around the use of the word F**k. At least once. But mostly repeated as a easy alternative to any other adjective.

And after my recent jaunt to the Bath/Bristol area, home of the Big Issue publication, Liverpool took the prize for the most number of BI sellers within the shortest distance. Affluence and poverty visible side by side. One street full of new shops and bright shiny places to spend money. The next blighted with decayed shopfronts and derelict buildings.

On my journey home via Manchester Airport, browsing W H Smith's for some light relief I managed to pick up October's issue of Cumbria "Lakeland's Favourite Magazine". A bonus as I usually only get to read this when I'm visiting the Lake District.

Oooooo! Inside a competition to win tickets to the big-screen film premiere in November at the Kendal Mountain Festival. A follow-up to 'Touching The Void' - 'The Beckoning Silence' adapted from Joe Simpson’s book, and created by the same team. A long shot maybe but my entry was completed and posted first thing this morning. After the hassle I had tracking down a viewing of TTV here in the deep south I was a little hopeful that this time I could not only see the film on its first showing, (isn't that what a premiere is?) but also get to see Joe Simpson 'in the flesh' on one of his rare public appearances.

So entry duly posted off early today. Fingers crossed. Because a win would be sufficient reason to stump-up the £150+ cost involved to travel to the festival.

Then later I catch up with the 'net news to find both Weird Darren and a thread on the Outdoors Magic forum casually mentioning that the "exclusive" will be shown a month ahead of the festival on Channel 4 on the evening of Mon 22 Oct.

So I guess that means that the premiere rating relates to the "big-screen" element. Shucks - a little disingenuous.

Never mind. Fingers still firmly crossed anyway.

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I think because it gets shown on tv first as well, it could possibly rule it out of being considered for an Oscar. But I'm not sure if this has to be shown on the the big screen first only applies to the American territories. So don't be surprised if it does not get a look in because doing it this way may rule it out.
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