Saturday, October 13

New Podcast & Love in a Tent Blog

Well it had to come. One of those dashed outdoor bloggers finally managed to link up a love of the outdoors with another passion (better look away now youngsters) S-E-X. The result - a book teasingly called Sex In A Tent.

Podcast Bob has thought it worthy enough of a podcast, and listening to author and blogger Michelle Waitzman it definitely sounds like she's carefully and tastefully considered a whole new angle on recreational activity outdoors. More than that I can't say at this time, the book not yet being available in the UK. But sounds interesting.

Whilst listening to the piece earlier today I was mulling over in the darker recesses of my mind (possibly a very apt location?) thinking over any of my own 'misdeeds' whilst out camping or backpacking.

Since Mrs H's motorcycle misadventures many years ago all my camping has been solo, especially when wildcamping. So any similarly themed excitement I can think of would, I suspect, have minimal appeal to those of you reading this. Solo that is.

And to be honest after a long day of backpacking, and the fell top wind and rain whistling past my ears my romantic inclinations are, to be blunt, nil.

But then I recalled an occasion many many years ago............

A hot and sultry summer day had been spent idly encamped near a secluded tarn, with an occasional dip to cool down. I'd not seen another walker for a couple of days now, and as darkness fell I cooked my evening meal, clothes unneccessary as the day's heat continued into the night.

As a result I remained firmly seated as an unexpected visitor suddenly appeared having ascended the narrow track behind my tent.

Our eyes exchanged glances as we said our hellos. I could tell from the way her gaze lingered longingly on my lap, my nudity sparingly covered by the plate and my meal remains, that I had something that she wanted. Perhaps needed. Her intention was clear.

I was, I admit, intrigued. For after many days alone in these hills contact with another was taken at face value, a welcome intrusion into my long term solitude.

She moved towards me breathing expectantly, eyes still feasting on my tanned limbs. And then her head slowly rubbed against my bare arm, and then my naked chest, moving downwards.

Gulp. What was I to do?

Submit to this stranger's desires, or protest and prepare to defend my honour?

There was no one else around. No likelihood of we two being surprised. Two strangers meeting in an unremarkable place. Ships in the night.

As her head continued to move still lower still my mind whirled with possibilities until something suddenly snapped me from this hypnotic revery and I firmly pushed her head away.

"No!" I shouted. "This can never be. It Must Not Happen".

For after all this had been my meal. And no bloody sheep was going to snaffle the tail end of my potato mash, no matter what the circumstances. Or how stunnng they may have looked after too long alone.

The podcast can be found here:

In A Tent

Download MP3 File


LOL - great story! The dangers of eating naked outdoors are many, but I hadn't considered stray sheep...

The book should be available in the UK via Amazon shortly - they seem to have some sort of glitch at the moment where it comes up as "unavailable". Also, Cordee is distributing it for the UK market, so it should appear in a camping shop near you in a few weeks' time. (Just in time for some early Christmas shopping!)
cheers for the update Michelle
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