Friday, October 5

A parting shot -Blog Action Day and the M62

Before I disappear off for a week, here's a couple of sites worth a thought.

2007 Blog Action Day has been organised by a core team of bloggers for October 15.

The aim - "In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment by .....Publish a post on their blog which relates to an issue of their own choice pertaining to the environment .....and/or .....commit to donating their day’s advertising earnings to an environmental charity of their choice"

And as a complete contrast John Davies (a vicar of a small parish I believe) is Walking the M62
"I am currently walking the M62 motorway corridor, Hull back to Liverpool. Because I hope to learn to listen, because I hope to learn to see".

Most journey's have a objective. This is one of the more obtuse that I've come across, but possibly as valid as the LEJOG, in its own way?

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Jesus, that M62 thing's weird...
I do hope you mean abstruse John?....

I can see the chap's point totally. I felt exacly the same when I set out on my own LEJOG and only afterwards do I feel that I am getting anywhere near what I set out to find.

I found my walk an enlightening experience on a deeply personal level, so I empathise with John Davies totally.
Ah, the obtuse instant responses one regrets in the cold light of morning...

I found your comment interesting, Alan, particlularly "...and only afterwards do I feel I am getting anywhere near what I set out to find."

That M62 blog is certainly well written, thought provoking and different. I like it.
Thanks for your interest in my walk, John, and others.

If you really do think I'm lacking alertness in perception, feeling, or intellect; being insensitive or dull in observation - then that's precisely why I'm doing the walk, as my strapline says, to try to sharpen up those critical faculties during my encounters en-route.

You may find this explanation less abstruse than the blog's strapline on its own.
Hello John (Davies)

Knowing John Hee as I do I am pretty sure he did not mean 'obtuse' at all and as he is away at the moment I feel sure I can write in his stead to assure you that no ill-will could possibly have been meant.

John looked after my blog when I was walking from Land's End to John O'Groats for Sue Ryder Care earlier this year and helped me raise £6,300 for this excellent charity.

I am in total admiraion of what you have set out to explore and in some samll way I found similar experiences crowding my thoughts along my walk - an example can be found here:

Good luck with the walk John and I look forward to reading your thoughts at the end of your fascinating journey.
Thanks Alan - and yes (John D) the use of the word was not intended in any negative context, but intended to convey the unusual choice of subject for the route.
Apoogies if it came across as a criticsm - that was never the intent
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