Wednesday, September 26

Hip-pack Competition - Dies the death

Back in April when the summer was still ahead with its prospect of long hot sultry days I suggested a bit of light hearted fun - The Hip-Pack Competition 'To find the most successful outdoor use of the smallest bag & lightest load for successfully completing a single wildcamp over night by the end of Sept'

Well in hindsight (such a wonderful tool - someone should market it someday) that now looks like a somewhat optimistic idea. There's been little enough opportunity for the normal outdoor trips, never mind the chance to slip in a quick local overnighter during one of the many heatwaves that just haven't happened in 2007.

As a result I'd have to pronounce the experiment a bit of a bust. The closure date is this coming weekend and as I don't intend to award my attempt the prize for obvious reasons, the nearest contender was Weird Darren on our recent seaside trip and I think he'd be the first to admit that was hardly in the spirit in the competition (BTW how can an individual carry so much food for an overnighter without worrying about getting mugged by squirrels - lol)

So unless there is a last minute entry, somewhat unlikely now autumnal cold is starting to nip, I have to reluctantly mark the competition as closed with no winner.

Meanwhile I'll be talking with the sponsor to see what should be done with the donated prize.

Not one of my more successful ideas I guess. Not so much ahead of its time, more a year behind with the weather conditions.

Ah well. If you don't try these things it just won't happen, will it.


thanks for the food comment. What can I say I like to eat well ;)

On the main point, I think it should be resurrected for next year.
Myself, I think, anarchistically, that you actually should award yourself the prize (I know it's against all convention - but since when, for instance, did even such august bodies as GMTV or the BBC worry about any "moral" competition rules after their recent stitch-ups?)

Seriously, though, as Dylan sang in TIMES THEY ARE A - CHANGING: "...accept it that soon/You'll be drenched to the bone...For the loser now will be later to win..." Etc.
I second the resurrection of the competition next year.

You see, it took me a few months to come around to the thought of spending a night outside without a tent - and by then there wasn't a lot of summer (using the term 'summer' in the loosest sense here!) left.

Without a competition spurring me on, that Alpkit Hunka may never be used to its full potential.
start it up again next year John when we all hope we have a proper summer.
Hi John.
I notice Gayle has posted -
'Don't Close The Competition Yet John!' and intends a last minute night out. I second that! Weather permitting, ie no rain, then I should be out tomorrow night. I have just spent the evening making my new SUL homemade rucksack, which weighs in at a hefty... 56 grammes!
blimey - nothing for months and then everything happens at the last minute!
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