Wednesday, September 19

Wasdale MRT appeals for some bl**dy common sense

".....walkers became disorientated on the summit of Great Gable. They used their mobile phone to call '999' ........ they were unhappy about being given directions over the phone even though they were standing at the summit cairn facing the remembrance plaque.....conditions were not bad and there was no risk to the pair of walkers" (Source: Wasdale MRT Incident report 13/9/07)

No wonder Wasdale MRT "have called for a campaign to reduce the number of people lost or stranded while walking"

As the BBC news item reports "there are more incidents now, particularly people getting lost. This is down to poor preparation, a lack of understanding of the basic skills of map work and navigation, over-ambition and low general fell awareness"

It's only a matter of time I suppose before some fool attempts to sue the MRT for not responding/acting as they potential rescuee wanted.

This is not at all right.

A point concerning a pretty negative aspect of mobile phone usage has been made by me before.
But what I can't help but wonder this time if whether we're now seeing a result of the recent TV programmes based on The Great Outdoors. (Or the "Bradbury Effect" as it may well come to be known) As I commented back in April when discussing self reliance & risk (oh my - this recent archive checking is a worry trait)
"Whilst I'm on the subject of the outdoor media, one of the criticisms I have with the recent Wainwright Walks series on BBC 4 TV was the inference that wayfinding on the hills is done just by reference to one of AW's route guides. I can't remember one appearance in four programmes of a map or compass"

To be fair thw Wainwright Walks second series did include an ascent of Helvellyn in typical crap weather, and a map/compass has started to pop into view. But some folks just never seem to be able to take responsibility for their own safety.

Or to use another recent term - a potential "Darwin Award" candidate?

Who'd be a MRT member in the future if it all carries on like this I wonder.

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I too read that Wasdale MRT report with incredulity.

I'm not sure that it pips my favourite outrageous MRT tale, however, which is incident number 24 in LAMRT's log for 2001...
walkers or w***kers?
I have mixed feelings reading these reports. On the one hand they impart a sense of despair, on the other they are often entertaining.

Like this one from the same page:

"...a 68 yr old male walker who had climbed Scafell Pike and was lost making his way back to Windermere."

always a good read - more for the "don't do that there" type of report. Anyone checked out the Google mashup of the call-out locations yet?
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