Saturday, September 8

Blog Post Trends

....and having piqued my own interest, triggered by my previous throw away line about on-line (in)activity I've spent a few minutes playing with my own little on-line world. To whit - the number of postings made here each month, and whether there is any pattern.

And the answer, based on admittedly a small timescale seems to be yes. During times of planning and ideas, the posts go up. Actioning these, the posts remain high, but as the year winds on activity drops. I know why there was such a specific drop late last year, but still I'm a little surprised the same drop is happening again. Gulp.

On the plus side - for most of this year there has been 30+ postings a month, or one a day. So perhaps something has to take a back seat sometimes?

I wonder what other bloggers findings are?


I have no idea what my posting frequency is? I post most days, with maybe one day off a week (if you are lucky ;) )
What has taken me a back really is that since moving to my blogs new home I get better stats now. And I have a better idea of how many readers I have. And I'm shocked at how many there are. Really taken aback, in a very nice way. And I'm getting comments as well ^__^

PS You up for a walk soon?
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