Tuesday, September 4

New Welsh Nuttalls

It seems to matter to some people about collecting lists of things. Or to be more precise ticking off items on other peoples lists. Hills especially seem to attract such folk, although this didn't start until the 1890s when Sir Hugh Munro hit inadvertently started a craze. What a groovy cat.

Now we have the The Wainrights, The Munros, The Marilyns, and many, many more.

And then of course there is The Nuttalls - a list of mountain summits in England and Wales which reach the height of 2,000 feet.

Well as of 2nd September 2007 you peak baggers had better plan a quick trip over to Wales as there's now two new summits to conquer: Carnedd y Filiast North Top (SH617631) & Castell y Gwynt (SH654581)

And there was me thinking that the summits were mostly invulnerable to the fleeting whims of us transitory humans.

Next post -the Norfolk Peaks? Ah well, probably not.

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Off to Suffolk again for the weekend with my better half. So none of that silly high altitude nonsense.It's the lowest point I can get in the reed bed for me! Sort of inverse peak-bagging...
My low points this year have mainly involved New Forest bogs and -ve altitude
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