Sunday, August 19

Cool (Outdoor) Tools

Tarptents, mini stoves, ultra light packs interest you?

Or how about some other US based niche products?

This site is worth a browse just to spark some of ideas of your own

And for some reason this one seemed to stand out


Interesting site - not sure the Barefoot Walking idea would work on top of stony Esk Pike though!
you link to buffs!!!!
Need to toughen the feet a bit more fisrt I think. but non of that Terrocs v Boots sillyness. More about the right sort of rubbing alcohol.

Buffs - well someone though they were useful
What an amazingly addictive site that is... I want to live where that guy lives!
Hey it's even got an RSS feed so it can be added into google reader! I'm addicted...
Fight it! Turn away from the seductive power of the buff
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