Sunday, August 12

More Outdoor Blogs

The reports are starting to slink back from the Outdoor Bloggers meet in the Beacons, and as expected a high old time seems to be had by all.
Suitably gutted am I.

So whilst they wend there disparate ways back home I'll take the opportunity to scoop them all with news of two new UK blogs that have just come to my attention.

Walk Blighty
"I want to share my experiences and my love for the Great British Outdoors and hopefully pass on some ideas and inspiration..........I've amassed a great deal of kit on my travels and have made many mistakes. I've been too cold, too wet, too hot, too hungry, too thirsty and too uncomfortable enough times to be qualified to give advice on the outdoors"

Sounds an eminently good idea to me.

From what I've seen so far it was may gave started as a photo blog but is now providing some South West Coastal Footpath/wildcamping pieces. Nice to have another blogger reporting from things in the deep south for a change. (BTW Any idea what the tent is?)

Early days for both contributors, so please give them a chance to settle in.

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Tent looks like a TN laser comp
cheers Geoff
Who's Geoff? :-)
John, cheers for the mention. I'll try and do the genre proud. For what it's worth at the moment, expect a link from my sight as soon as I figure out how!
George - I did it again didn't I.

Ever thought of a name change?
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