Wednesday, August 8

I wanna be elected ............. maybe

Yesterday I introduced a new site I'd recently been made aware of - Hiking Blogs that is well on its way to providing a list of global Blogs about Hikers, Backpackers, and Trail Runners.

Well despite submitting my own blog details late last night Jamie, the site owner, already has got me listed in wonderful technicolour, along with a few of my fellow UK Outdoor Bloggers.

If you want to go and see what other blogs are around the globe its a good starting point with blog list available by region. Very useful perhaps if you want to get some locally sourced information.

Oh and if you happen to fancy it, please feel free to leave a rating on my blog (or any others of course) by clicking on the stars to the bottom left of the individual web listing.

It gives some feedback on the general use being made of the Hiking Blogs site plus us gives individual bloggers some comparison on their own site and content.

My own blog is listed under UK - Aug 8th.

Ta muchly.

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have you no shame begging for votes like that? ^__^
Got to do something with my forthcoming quiet weekend
mobile signal permitting you can read the live blog updates. ;)
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