Monday, August 6

Me and my big mouth

Sod's Law will have its little joke, following my spirit rendition about Fitness a few days ago.

A niggling lower back pain has proved a stubborn little distraction over the past week, and finally decided to take up semi-permanent residency. And now I need to think about its presence there's a realisation that it has been twinging for two or maybe even three weeks.

Hhmmm - post Scotland? But like most of these slowly developing complaints (and believe me I complain about things like this!) I can't put my finger on any particular mishap or trigger.

So its off to the chiro once more, and highly likely I'm now a a no show at the upcoming UK Outdoors Bloggers Welsh Meet this weekend.


And I recall that the oh so nice Alan Sloman was bringing me my weight in beer. I wonder if he recalls Davenports esteemed service? Now when did that slide quietly out of contemporary life?

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Mr Hee!

Strap yourself into the largest squidgiest rucsac possible and let it act as a brace. It will keep the injury warm.

I shall be carrying the Ardbeg and fine cheeses - you cary the crackers (lightweight)

Its not a big walk - a mere stroll to be enjoyed at leisure - there should be no headlong vulgar rush to the campsites!

Try it!

All the best
I know Alan - but you want to see what my chiropractor charges. Ouch.
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