Monday, July 30


And so farewell to the Scottish Hills. For the present.

As an alternative to the train trip up, the journey back to Glasgow was to be via coach from Glen Coe junction.
A 'Good Plan' when researching the transport. But on the day it resulted in several hours kicking my heels around Glen Coe, mostly in a steady down pour. But despite the damp the scenery remained stunning. An invitation to return with thoughts starting of further trips.

And possibly something a litle bigger planned as a suitable personal celebration in 2009.

(Glen Coe Massacre monument)

The trip up the A82 through the Glen Coe valley is impressive even amongst thick cloud and rain and undoubtedly even more amazing in clear weather. But the coach trip itself was jerky and uneven, with no time to absorb the changing landscape. The natural bonhomie that existed between the train passengers was totally missing amongst the coach's passengers.

True the trip took half the time. But it's not the speed of the journey that counts.

And finally to Glasgow airport and the usual hanging around. Looking at the construction work taking place at the scene of the recent terrorism. And wondering how on earth those concerned expected to drive a car into a building when it required a ninety degree turn off the roadway to get to it.

Security remained tight. But it did occur, to a couple of us as we gathered in the main hall, surrounded by large backpacks, amongst a lengthening queue leading up to the check-in, that there were easier ways to achieve serious carnage, given an individual with extreme convictions and a limited view of their own mortality (and I see someone else has had the same thought since) But no one from security gave us a glance as we ended our weary way through the process to the flight back south.

And that's the trip, with a quick round-up left on costs and tips/thoughts left to come.

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