Monday, July 30

Blimey - something to watch on TV!

It's rare I choose to relax by sitting down to watch TV, excepting the occasional film or TV series.

For me there's been a general dumbing down of UK TV for far too long, speeded up with the arrival of niche audience targeting as digital/satellite came on stream. Or democratising the viewer choice as I think the visual media like to call it. But that's no excuse for crap like Big Brother (Does anyone under 30 actually remember the relevance of that phrase I wonder?) Less TV for the masses, more like TV for an income stream.

So it was with some surprise I spent two hours on Sunday evening watching the excellent BBC1 Mountain, skipping over for BBC4's new series of Wainwright Walks and staying to watch the presenter from Mountain communicate his love of the rural landscape in A Pembrokeshire Farm.

But I'm sure you savvy folk have already picked up on all this already. Little matter the difference of content and presentation. Its just so good to see the wilder countryside get this sort of peak time coverage with a degree of positivity, as opposed to being a background for the horror/terrible things are about to happen

Next week - Mountain is off to the Lake District, and WW is off up Catbells and PF will off course remain in Wales.

I've no idea how these gems came to be scheduled together so fittingly. And its even more of a surprise considering that late July/August usually used the holiday season (no-ones watching) excuse to trot out a dire programme schedule.

Catch it while you can. This surely can't last?


I think it's all part of the BBC's ultimate outdoors season, although they (the BBC) don't seem to have publicised it to well.

A Pembrokeshire is technical a repeat as it was shown on BBC Wales back in November.
Thanks George - I didn't realise any of that. Just shows what a huge TV fan I am!
I went up Catbells a couple of weeks back - it turned out to be the busiest place in the world. There were about six Duke of Edinburgh camps going on. Be interesting to see what they make of it :)
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