Tuesday, July 31

Hip-Pack Competition

Hey. That big round yellow thing is back in the sky again! So surely some hot and sultry nights on the way?

And hopefully time for a night out to set the bar high for the 2006 comp.

Sods law really. The summer I decide a bare bones night out would make a good fun challenge, is the same season where ducks smile, and wellies are no longer a fashion statement, but an essential item of summer apparel.


was going to go thiss weekend but having a party for my mums birthday.it will now have to be after my trip to the brecons now.if the weather holds through to october do you plan to give a few more weeks?
John has extended it by a year already! Haven't you noticed he is talking about the 2006 competition ^__^

John you got the year wrong ;)
Also been trying to get hold of you to find out if you are free at weekend.
Mike - if the weather's good - no problem with strectching itout

Darren - I'll check my messages
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