Tuesday, August 7

A Welcome, A Rant, & Some New Blogs

The steady drip drip drip of new Outdoor Blogs based in the UK continues to be encouraging. And nowt to do with the increasingly damp summer season.

There's an increasing number of sites bursting into life. Some of which may prove of interest and value; Others may leave you disinterested;

C'est la vie. Vive la difference

But behind each endeavour is a a person who's been brave enough to try to get their thoughts out loud, and into the digital arena. To go public in effect. And each is driven enough to give it a go, often despite some pretty negative feedback at times.

So please give them a chance to settle in and see what they can add.

And if you do happen to be one of those who really doesn't get what's going on with this form of communication, or it just doesn't work for you, then probably just better to steer clear for the moment? And hopefully that way I get to read less of the "I don't understand blogging.......why do they bother? .....what we have is good enough already" comments.

It's obviously not 'good enough' or the UK Outdoor blog scene would not continue to expand at the rate it is. These things don't create themselves in five minutes folks! And to keep returning takes more than a diuretic brain and too much time to waste. Well mostly. Ahem.

On a personal note (and I get to be as personal as I want on here - so yah boo sucks if it isn't to your taste) I'm becoming less and less interested in trying to explain the Why of this anymore, having read one too may self-fulfilling comments posted elsewhere.

And that's a general view rather than intending to pick on any specific website/forum etc in case anyone feels targetted.

Lets just say that one day this format might be useful, or even make sense. Meanwhile those involved will keep on building up this particular Community alongside existing methods of information dissemination. Mostly because it fills a need I guess.

And for those with a long memory, as valuable (for instance) as uk.rec.walking continues to be, its just another information source amongst alternatives these days, with an associated level of participation.

Bugger. Now where did that particular bee=bonnet come from? Back to the plot JH.

So a quick round up of new links I'm just adding to this site. Ones that have been building up and that I've meant to get to for some time now.

I was thinking that at this rate of new arrivals we'd need to set up a central site of links (40+ in the UK by now surely?), but someone else has thought along the same lines. So nice one:

Hiking Blogs "Keeping Track of Fellow Hikers, Backpackers, and Trail Runners"

Meanwhile the (in) famous PeeWiglet of Outdoors Magic and 'The TGO 2006 Podcast' fame has resurfaced after a hiatus away from the outdoors Internet scene. Early days yet but keep watching. PW has a wealth of wild camping experience to draw on, particularly from a female perspective. Makes a change from all us hairy blokes.

Peewiglet’s Plog "Thoughts and doings"

Over at Chris Townsend's website he's had the painters in with a total revamped to include a blog section amongst other bits:
Chris Townsend Outdoors

Loads of good stuff relating to Chris, and a very sexy site!

And lastly, but definitely by no means least, one of my old favourite route/wild camp sources V-G Backpacking in Britain has added a blog section with some excellent stuff already being posted:

v-g Backpacking in Britain Weblog "Backpacking and wild camping in Britain"

Welcome all.


I am the culprit who started the OM thread about bloggers which originally was about using Google Reader as a good way of tracking additions to blogs. After a brief flurry of messages it suddenly burst alive again with people taking the subject title (which was meant to be tongue in cheek) literally and slagging off the scene. I find this means of communication really interesting and in many cases very useful - you can use it or ignore it if it's not something you like.
Thanks for the comment Phil. I could see the original thread intent, so I stayed quiet when the usual kerfuffle started up.
(That sort of stuff is not unique to OM by any means) Just goes with the territory I suppose.
glad you find something useful anyway - which means some are getting value out of it. Which is as it should be.
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