Monday, August 13

Hip-pack Competition

I'm finally tired of waiting for those hot 'n humid nights to come around. And even if the planned Welsh trip was a bust for me, there's still a couple of days holiday to fill, as long as I don't get too stupid with the present back niggle.

But already the weather locally is on the turn. Again. However today's forecast of fog and rain, with dark rumblings of weather warnings to come Tuesday fell short here. Today has again been sunny, hot at times, but increasingly gusty. Coastal weather. Local anomalies. Don't you just love it.

So after last night's brief trip out to successfully play comet watch with #1 daughter (thanks BG) it occurs to me an excellent time to watch the sky, test out the new bivvi bag in relative comfort, and get at least one entry into the competition. Even if its my own.

And if it rains too much I'll come home.

So a few things thrown haphazardly into a small daysack. Mobile blogging enabled. Water & Food loaded. Not very much planning here, but sometimes spur of the moment is good.

A final quick check to ensure comp rules are followed. Ready for the off.

So if there's any New Forest Rangers out there that fancy a game of Catch Me If You Can?

All entirely hypothectical of course. This site couldn't condone any flouting of regulations. However restrictive they may appear to be.


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