Wednesday, August 15

More podcasts

For those of you that using MP3/iPod players to catch up on missed radio shows you may be interested to know that BBC Radio has been increasing its number of podcast downloads recently.

That includes Farming Today with (RSS here)

Personally I find Thinking Aloud always thought provoking (RSS here)

Others that look interesting include Scotland Outdoors (RSS here), Pods and Blogs (RSS here) [And for you geekier types there's even Heroes The Official Radio Show (RSS here)]

A cornucopia of riches. Even more reason to load up and get out for a longer walk.


Cheers, for the pointers. Shall listen to the Scotland Outdoors cast tomorrow.
oops a daisy, apologies for that asdf nonsense. Somebody has been drinking too many budweisers!!!
no (hic) problem
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