Friday, August 17

Dartmoor Wildcamp 2006

I've just spent a few minutes wandering around this blog of mine.
Good innit

I was looking for a trip report of a Dartmoor wildcamp last year. One of those real spur of the moment trips. I'd walked out from the Taunton Leisure shop in Exeter early one Saturday morning last July, a new Akto under my arm, and the sun blazing down (Sheesh - those were the days. Summer. Hah!)

Was it time to go back home? My tent selection finally made after a few weeks of research. Or try it out? Oh such a hard choice.

So contrary to all good and expert advice I spent that evening camped high on Yes Tor, bedding down the new purchase. And later I found out how to really put it up correctly, but that's another tale.

But its only now that I've realised the trip was made prior to this blog starting up. So perhaps its time to write that trip up, in view of a late 2007 meet-up thats currently being considered.

Might be feed for thought?


hey John.
Blogs alright I spose! ;)
I am in agreeance - a writup of your '06 trip *would* be good.
Thanks - I'll put it on my sort-it-out list if its of use to someone out there in webland
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