Monday, September 17

Off the Tracks - PC Copperfield Blog Outed (not)

I rarely post outside the reference terms I set myself when this site was started, but here's an exception.

I've followed PC David Copperfield's "The Policeman's Blog" for as long as I can remember. Always entertaining. Usually informative. And humorous to boot.

As a result of the material posted PC Copperfield was one of the more notable bloggers who picked up a book deal last year. And quite deservedly if the Amazon ranking (#89 in Books) is any reflection.

DC has not only quit the job, to take up a similar post abroad, he has also been shadowed over many months by a BBC team and will appear on tonight's Panorama on his own specialist subject. Modern policing, from the ranks.
There's an interesting interview with the man himself, by his local newspaper here.

During the time his blog has been around he's been the target of various personal attacks including an allegation that he didn't really exist, and by inference that his comments were not real. Throughout it all he's demonstrated a commendable degree of aplomb and measured good taste. Some pundits argue he has been more responsible for central government reviewing the current policing policy than many (so called) serious experts in the field.

Hurrah! Blogging as a tool of change. And funny as well.

So next time you bloggers get told off for such a devilishly anally retentative pastime, remember this one.

Nice one PC Copperfield.

(I wonder if its worth printing out this article to carry with me in case I get pulled over for speeding? Surely worth a go!)


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