Sunday, September 16

Gas Cannister Tip

If you are like me you have a garage full of part used gas canisters this tip might come in useful.

An empty 100g Coleman canister weighs approx 100g.

If you weigh the part used canisters, and subtract that weight it gives a good indication of the remaining gas available.

Post trip, before I file the canisters away for future trips I use an indelible marker (a CD pen) to write the weight, approximate day's usage remaining, and the date I last used it.

So picking a canister next time around I can match gas needs to trip length, and save unnecessary weight. And reduce that ever growing canister stockpile


Jesus, John, your efficiency makes me quite giddy..!
No - just tight. And its a system that needed a little refinement early this morning when I nearly ended up with a tepid brew first thing, but was saved by a handily available Jetboil (God those things are scary in action!)
I was about to say your calculations where out by a digit or two.
But don't you just love the roar of the Jetboil? ;)
Is that roar as in "BOOM"?
Sonic BOOM ;)
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