Friday, September 14

Bits n Bobs

You might notice a subtle change in the way links on this site work from now on. Following on from some design discussion on the UK Outdoor Bloggers Forum links on the right of this screen should now pop-up in a new window.

Hopefully you'll find it helps with navigation. If not - then leave me a comment?

Now I'm off to fill my backpack for tomorrow night's wildcamp meet up.

It's definitely the first time I've needed to source an ultra-light bucket and spade for my prime equipment. And as for the flippers........

More to come after the trip.

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Flippers ?
All has been revealed above
I prefer current window, as it allows the user to choose whether to open in new window or not. Not that I mind, cuz I middle click to force new tab, but I'm a geek!! :)
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