Sunday, September 16

YHA Skiddaw

Back in February I commented that Skiddaw House, once a YHA, had reopened as a bunkhouse.

I noticed that the latest edition of the YHA Magazine 'Discover' now lists Skiddaw as a YHA. I've no idea what the arrangement may be, but booking is available via the YHA site.

I'd guess at some sort of co-partnership deal with the bunkhouse coming under the wing of the YHA booking/advertsing systems, but the hostel operating as an independent registered charity, looking at this news item from June. As I suppose the YHA is where most occasional users would naturally look for information it makes good commercial sense, and on this venture I'd congratulate the YHA on their positive approach. Credit where its due on this one.

Meanwhile the cunningly titled "Skiddaw House - the bunkhouse!" (sounds like the title of a movie) still has its own website offering booking information, but no mention of the YHA. Perhaps the web site has yet to be updated? Accommodation pricing is identical on both sites.

Best of luck to all in the venture, and here's hoping it stays strong and fully available to all this time around.

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