Tuesday, February 27

Skiddaw House reopens

I walked part of the Cumbria Way in 2005, in an attempt to introduce my teenage son to the gentle art of walking, self-reliance and to show how easy it is to create a sense of achievement through personal initiative and effort. A bit of a real father/son bonding.

We started in rain in Ulverston. Walked through rain up through Coniston. Spent a long enjoyable day travelling up the Langdale valley and over the pass into Borrowdale (rain and ooooo so thick mist this time. Look at the peaks over there. Bugger they've gone again)

And we finally called it a day. In rain. In Keswick.

By this point my son had shrunk 6 inches and was the cleanest he's ever been. But he was a happy chappie. Shorter maybe, but brimming with good nature.

And of course that afternoon the sun came out. So off for a different sort of bonding down the pub. Well it had to be done. It's traditional at the end of a walk isn't it?

For that trip we used YHA accommodation and the final straw was the thought of a long rain drenched crossing over Skiddaw to Caldebeck, and the general lack of features beyond that point.

At that time the Keswick YHA was closed for refurbishment, and there were no more hostels beyond that on the Way. Skiddaw House had ceased to operate as a YHA, and that would have been the only saving grace to encourage us to continue onwards. The thought of a stay at such a unique spot.

Happily one of the ex-wardens plans to reopen Skiddaw House as a Bunkhouse in early April 2007. Find out more here. All success to their venture.

I'll definitely be planning a visit later this year. It's an area I haven't explored yet and what a great rest point.
Probably for a night out of that rain again. Well it is the Lake District. Ever wonder why the lakes are always so full?

Whoops - nearly forgot - check out Whitepsider's blog (Skiddaw House Re-Opens) for a bit more detail.

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well what can I say, you have written two excellent stories that far better than my brief snippets. Maybe I sould be the Reuters to your Daily Telegraph ^__^
Well i did think about what to post today Darren. I hoped a different approach on the subjects would hopefully not be seen as stealing your thunder (And you talk about me scooping you - you blighter - lol)

Problem is we're mining the same seam sometimes so there will be a bit of synchronicity at times.

Anyway - i think i've found something else to wet your whistle - check the Simpson post.
I have, WHAT a great one to report on. Fantastic news.
I'll comment on that one as well.
oh go on then, if you must
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