Thursday, February 22

Alan Sloman - Ready for the off

I've mentioned Alan Sloman's blog on here before, and indeed if you look to the right you'll see a link thru.

Alan is walking to raise as much financial support as he can for the Sue Ryder Hospice following his own personal loss.

His fund raising is already going pretty well but...............well Alan strikes me as as something of an underachiever.

Fair enough he's backpacking the route (in a BLUE tent - argh!) rather than use B&B.
But what! No mention of doing it in the nude!, or walking backwards, or hopping on one leg.

Err - on second thoughts that's probably for the better. The nudie bit has already been done a couple of times before and that walker ended up in trouble each time (only joking Alan - don't even start thinking about those options)

Dovetailing in with the recent debate on 'new media' the esteemed Podcast Bob has just released an interview with Alan who will be blogging as he goes. Alan's blog is also carrying the podcast feed.

Contrary to Bob's interview introduction Alan's not the first to do this route and blog at the same time as I'm So Dave has already started on his journey in January , blogging as he walks.

Sods law - two of them on the go at the same time after this wait. But I'm sure Dave (who's is really marching to the beat of a different drum there) won't begrudge sharing the limelight for Alan's admirable objective.

Most of us bloggers sit here in the warm wittering away about things remarkably inconsequential. On an average evening the most walking our legs do is along the path between pc, kettle, and bathroom.

These guys are out there doing it. All power to their feet.

So how can we help Alan out?

Well why not pop over to his fundraising site and chuck a couple of bob his way.

To quote that guru of Irish island walking Mrs. Joan Doyle ""Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!!!!!"

No pressure though

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Hiya John

Many thanks for the plug and also for the contribution on my Sue Ryder Care page.

I have you down as a shiny star, Sir!
Back to that training you!
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