Monday, February 19

Who are you?

Just an idea that I'm playing with to find out who more about who looks at this blog.

It might work, or then again fall flat on its arse. So give it a go if you want to, and please feel free to look at the results.

It's over on the right ====== thats it, over there =====================>

Oh no it's not. There was feedack that it was invisible to some readers so I've pulled it for a rethink.
The arse factor lives!


Not seeing anything on the right at the moment, John.

Doubt it makes a difference, but I'm on Firefox.

Seoras...err, Duncan
22:00 - just finished playing with it duncan if you want to try again

If its a nix for Firefox users I'll kill it and have a rethink

thaks for the quick tip-off
Hmmm. Nothing there for me! (I am 51)
Bugger. The arse factor is in play. I'll pull it once i get to the source
is that the archive material link, John? If "yes", then FF can see it. If not, it'll be something else then?
no Atkoman - it was an attempt to take a poll, but seems to have fallen flat. Technically speaking
I see it now. Just dancing off to it now.
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