Monday, February 19

Hi-di-hi Korea & Africa

Oh I do love playing with these techie tools sometimes. No idea what value they actually add but the questions they do raise.

According to my site stats apparently I'm getting quite big in S.W. Asia these days. So that's a great big Hi to my reader in Kyonggi-do in the Republic Of Korea. (Best not mention to the wife though, she may not understand) Explaining my Chinese interests was difficult enough, especially when I indavertantly lapsed into Mandarin dialect once or twice (I blame the recent Times pull-outs)

And lets not forget all my African readers.

Yes I know you never comment. Nor strangely do you seem to appear on the site stats. But its very nice of you all to keep letting me know so personally about these money making opportuniites. Not too sure I'll be taking any of them up; Especially as Africa seems to be the sort of place where so many accidents seem to happen, with resultant large sums of money lost in limbo.

At least deleting the 60% of e-mails I get each day makes me feel so much better.




Dear John Mr Hee

This is George. George, from Nigeria, speaking. Please send me the money you borrowed from me, so that I can free the rightful heir to the throan.

I note that your date of birth was 18 February 2007, and thought you might be interested in helping regime change
Dear George
Money's in the lion. I thought it safer than a piggy bank

Please feel free to grab it when you want.

That will definitely change your regime
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