Friday, February 9

Friday night - Chinese take away

The plot thickens fellow readers. Another two site visits from China - Shanxi Province and Hong Kong.

I notice that both visitor's stayed for 0 seconds, or at least a time too short to to round up above zero.

Not too sure about my political correctness here, but am I under threat from a sleeping red menace, or is the level of spam on this site, thankfully currently low, about to rise again?

Then again, with the commercial whirlwind currently sweeping through the largest populated country on earth, perhaps this blog is about to become the subject of mass pirating from behind the bamboo curtain.

I'm intrigued - any one else getting this sort of attention?


My site keeps getting spammed by this one person. ^_^
Dr John advises:

Dear worried, stay away from strong liquor, funny smelling cigarettes, and, of course, bloody LIVESPACE
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