Sunday, February 4

I'm So Dave, nudity and DAB radio programmes

I finished reading I'm So Dave "Land's End to John O'Groats, without a clue" blog this afternoon - excellent fun and the comments are just as humorous. Well recommended.

I shot a quick 'thanks and like the site' note to Dave. Where ever in the south he currently is.

I commented in the mail "I don't suppose you'd consider doing the Scottish part in the nude? Maybe not - but the B&B is free of charge at HMP" and sent the note around 17:30.

Around 22:00 I spotted Atkoman's post on Dave's blog which mention Dave was on BBC Radio 6 (check Atkoman's blog for the details)

So just sat here and listened to Dave's bit broadcast around 16:15 earlier today.

It finished up with the radio presenter suggesting Steve starts walking with his todger out.

Now I know where my idea came from, a tongue in cheek (ahem) bid at publicity but based on the nude walker from 2005 & 2006 (to my astonishment currently interned in HMP Edinburgh, Saughton)

But a bit freaky that my comment, and that on the show was sort of in the same ballpark.

Is my brain now picking up DAB radio shows in the background like Billy from Radio K.A.O.S?

I've got to use that mobile phone less in future.


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