Saturday, February 3

Windows Livespace Blogging problem?

There's something about Windows Live Spaces blogs that means me and it just don't get on. Until Weird Darren started his blog earlier this year I hadn't encountered anyone using this blog host before.

After a few abortive attempts to leave comments I finally caved in and created (yet another) microsoft id. No idea how many of these I've got/lost by now.

So then I could comment. But each time I was hit with a 'server failure' message. I quickly realised this hadn't affected the comment being posted, so I've largely ignored it.

However since last weekend everytime I comment on WD, the site randomly duplicates the comment. I think the record was 20 times for one comment. That's good fun for Darren, who's luckily has taken it in good humour, despite the clean-up each time I pop in and say hi. Sometimes I feel just like a naughty puppy caught tinkling in the corner of the room.

Ah. Yes.

Which bring me to Puppy's World (Wow - smoooth transtion there folks!)

I've just left a comment on PW, and yes, you've guess it - another Livepsace blog.
Total no of comments made (the second being the apology) = 2
Total no. of comments left = 21.

Sorry guys.

And here are us blogger website users moaning earlier this week about site access.


John, can I correct your record, it was 87.
And yes I have a chuckle each time, as I can't see why it should be just you.

But hey don't let it put you off.
shucks - i'm unique
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