Monday, January 29

Yet another UK Blogger - Mike Pitt / Puppy World

....and that brings it to 10 by my count. Hang on - that's 11 if I count my humble offering.
Things have started to speed up recently in the UK walk/wildcamp blogging world.

So a big welcome to Mike Pitt's Puppy World (better not ask how that name was arrived at!)

As he's a a chef let's hope for some exotic ways to make noodles taste...of anything really except nothing or curry. At least thats all I seem to manage when I use them out on the hills.

Come on Mike - get posting

And Whitespider beat me to post as well. Never mind I'll just leave a comment on his site. At the rate that his website software spawns comments I reckon I could singlehandedly bring down the internet.

Revenge (Sorry couldn't resist)


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