Sunday, January 28

Another new UK Walking Blog - Skunkbag

Welcome to a new blog - Wild Camping, sailing and mountaineering

His post of 24 Jan breaks down his aims - looks interesting and hope to see more, especially the woodland camping

I've added a link on the right - one more and the UK blogs get into double figures - or is there some one I've missed?


hi there john-,well here's your 10th blog ive just set up over the last few weeks and will be up dating on all my hiking,camping trips.just got back into the hiking lark after a few years away mtbing
cheers mike -i'll add you on the next post
Hello John

Here's another for you!

All the best
Sorry Alan - I thought I'd already got you on the links. but I didn;t did I. And I've been reading your posts since Xmas.

All there now though
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