Sunday, December 24

Blogger Upgrade and Xmas greetings

Since my last few posts the Blogger site seems to becoming more insistent that I should upgrade, and the beta tag has now been dropped from the welcome messages.

I'm wary of change for change sake in the pc world - I go way back to when pcs ran at 6MHz off a 5.25 " floppy disk that that really did flop.

If anyone has upgraded I'd be interested in feedback. Especially as the semi-auto Yahoo Messanger upgrade last week locked me out of my account, and needed the XP System Restore to get things working again.

But maybe it's a little something to keep me occupied over the Xmas hols when I'm not overindulging in food, alcohol, or generally debauched and decadent living.
Or at least as much of this as I can manage.

Have a good one yourselves, normal service will be resumed after the hols.



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