Saturday, December 9

Voting open for the 2006 Weblog Awards

OK I know it's predominantly run, fed, and votes on by the USA.

But wouldn't it have been so great to see a UK based walking site on the short list!

How about Outdoor Magic for Best Online Community and Walking Must Be This Way for Best UK Blog , or (since Andy had to restart the site following the failure of his previous ISP/site) Best New Blog. Hee Hee

But no; The nominee lists are already there to vote on, and personally, with all due repesct to the bloggers involved, they don't make the most entertaining reading except for JonnyB's Private Secret Diary which I occasionally drop into.

Now I don't hang around the Net as much as I have done in the past (well not since I decided to get a life - rofl) but I don't recall any links mentioning that the list was open.

So who's going to sort out a real UK Weblog Awards, including the Pod & Vid Casts? Must be some brave soul out there willing to suffer the barracking that is bound to arise

Yep - you're right about the US thing - it just reflects what they think blogging should be. Which is a shame.

Hence, having slipped through the net, why I've gone against all my better judgement and decided to acknowledge its existence.

It would take a particularly thick-skinned individual to organise a UK one - although there is a European one at 'Fistful of Euros' that has a bit more integrity.
It's an interesting idea John. Jonny's right about the Euro awards but I still think something focusing on the UK would be good.

I'm quite touched that you would have nominated my blog if only you'd have been in time.

I wonder if I'll still be doing this in a year's time!
Thanks both - Fistful's a good start but........Mind you I am impressed with the number of links to other logs - that must be a record of some sort or other
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