Thursday, October 19

More UK Blogs

Blimey, more to read each day after a period of little happening on the UK Blog walking front

My thanks to London Backpacker for the tip off and a big welcome to Alan Sloman's Big Walk a Lands End to John O'Groats walker.

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Hi John

Thanks for the mention on here. This blogging lark can get quite lonely!

I am slowly getting more people taking a peek - it seems quite a few come from your site - so thank you.
I will try to add your site as a link on mine - I managed to get Andy Howell's on - but I have no idea how I did it - it took me ages and lots of trial & error! I must get my head round this technology - after all these headaches the walking seems a comparative doddle! (Ooooooh! That sounds a bit rash!)

Hi there John

As a regular reader of your blog I have added your blog as a link on my blog :)
cheers alan
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