Monday, October 16

Autumnal Weather?

A couple of brief forays during Sunday showed the diversity of the great British weather conditions.

Late in the afternoon I followed part of the Avon Valley Footpath, wandering besides a proverbial babbling brook, and along a couple of rides bordering fields. Very picturesque and peaceful. Plenty of vegetation and leaves on the trees.

Usually a quiet spot, this time I came across a number of picnickers - the only ones I’d during the whole of the year.

The recent warm & sunny conditions seemed to have galvanised people into wanting to escape into the great outdoors, for one final time. Possibly.

Compare that to my wander earlier in the day. Overcast skies, waterproof on and a chill wind trying to raise its profile.

The venue - a huge car boot on the outskirts of Ringwood (If you know the area, you can guess the one I'm talking about)

This one proved quite lucrative, once I'd ploughed past the small-business stalls and through groups of eastern European families out for the day (and where did they suddenly all appear from?)
Two walking books for the grand sum of 50p total, one of which (OS Walkers Britain - Book 2) I've been trying to track down for the last 15 years.


Fell rescuers "surprisingly" busy "A team of mountain rescue volunteers in Cumbria has experienced a "surprisingly busy" week. During the latest incident ………It was the fourth rescue during what a team spokesman described as normally one of their quieter periods" Here

Now there’s a surprise - whether it’s the weather, or otherwise.

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