Monday, September 25

Atkoman - New UK Blogger

There's few enough UK bloggers out there prepared to try to pass on their experience. Funny really becuase I would have thought the joy of what we do is something that just has to be expressed to a wider audience.

So a big welcome to Atkoman who's just started his blog about (yes you've guessed it) the by now famous and much preferred Hilleberg Atko one man tent. Now over 10 years old this model is still giving today's wiildcampers just what they pay for - low weight, robust construction and a trust that it does just what it says on the stuffsack.

To be accurate Atkoman has a bigger brief "to write down where I've trekked, what I've seen, and just clear my head of the nonsense that I come up with out on the hills."

Can't argue with that.

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