Tuesday, September 19

A Little Bit of Peace & Quiet

I had the chance a few days ago to go for a day's coarse fishing by myself.

Eh? So what's this to do with walking can I hear you asking?

Many years ago I was heavily into my fishing trips. It started initially as a stress buster. As I became more proficient I became drawn into picking up more techniques/tricks and spent an increasing amount of time reading the magazines & books, salivating over the gear in the local fishing shops.

As the years have moved on I've found my interest has waned somewhat, probably as a result of getting to a certain plateau with my ability, and finding less time to spare for the multi-day sessions needed to catch the bigger stuff.

(Is some of this sounding familiar to all you walking shop and gear freaks out there? I suppose most outdoor activities these days have the same pattern. Interest, doing, learning, buying. Repeat)

But as I sat there quietly fishing, watching the water and the occasional kingfisher or dragonfly flit past, I felt again that deep sense of fulfilment. Of being at peace with the world.

It was then it struck me. This was similar to the enjoyment I get when out walking in some high wild place, especially when wildcamping.

Not quite the same, because the lack of any real physical exertion meant that the emotion I had at this time was possibly more placid. Definitely laid back. I still find it difficult to put my finger on the precise difference.

But whatever that precise emotional sustenance is called, I like it. I want more.

That's why I keep on walking.

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