Saturday, September 2

Blogger - picture posting problem?

A 'feature' that had me regularly swearing whilst posting the recent trip reports has been the apparently random inability of Blogger to load up the photos. It goes through the motions, but no picture appears in the post.

But I think I've finally cracked it.

So for anyone with the similar problem the trick is to remove the formatting option on the post, as the first thing on a new post, and then load the picture without a predetermined layout (i.e. left, right etc)

Seems to work for me.


Thanks for the tip, John.

I had a nightmare loading the pictures for my tents blog.

I`m not sure why the video wouldn't work. The link should take you straight to youtube and run from there.

I`ve uploaded it it google

Hopefully this will work.
cheers George - if you ever find a way to load it up pls let me know.
Now how did you manage to get the mp3 podcast oin a few weeks ago?
John, did you try the one at google

The podcast one was at a different site but its not the best for video.
yep - that was the one
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