Sunday, August 20

Fiddling About

More preparation before I finally pack and close my pack later in the week. I know from experience that I can pack and be out of the house in 20 minutes, but I suppose half the fun is in the fine tuning of the bits & pieces I need to take before I go, and better now than on the night before.

Despite having chortled at the ultralight purists in the past, I found myself sawing the toothbrush handle in half this afternoon, not so much to save weight, more to save space. I remembered that on my last trip the handle tended to poke out when rolling my wash kit up, so it off it came.

Next, I removed the cardboard covers attached to the OS maps. Otherwise they're difficult to fold the way I want to use them out on the hills.

And finally the pad & pencil with which I keep route notes had a make-over replacing the pencil stub with a slim pencil left over from an old diary, and tied on with a length of string.

Not so much weight saving, more easier to pack away in those little corners of the backpack.
Think I've got the lightweight bug? Nah - surely not.

On the plus side my hip felt much better this morning, so hopefully yesterday's brief excursion proved that any residual effects can be walked off once I get going for real.
Here's hoping.


Buy childern's tooth brushes, shorter handles :)

I also use digital maps, so can print out only the areas I`m walking in. Three double sided A4 is much less that a full OS map.

As I always take a MP3 player, so record my thoughts, this doubles the use of the MP3 player and also means I can understand myself as my writings on the trail can be really scrapping and ineligible :)
Buy! Buy! When I've all those old teggy brushes stuffed at the back of the bathroom cabinet

Thought about the digi maps, but this trip I'll need both OS maps to cover the linear route, and just in case I want/need to wander off

MP3- mine's a read only (i found a cheap reader that takes SD 1gb cards so infinite storage)
I've got a cheap digital voice recorder somewhere about the house. It's so small I've probably left it under a book somewhere but it means i can carry on using the MP3 player at the same time.
Bt a good idea - thanks for reminding me, i never seem to take it out.
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