Saturday, August 19

Pre Trip Ruminations

With good luck, this is the view across Windermere that I hope to be looking at in 10 days time. That's having completed my latest wildcamping trip across the various ridges after starting from Keswick.

I say hope to.

Firstly; Here's trusting the weather is better than this view taken at the same time last year. But hey - this is the Lakes we're talking about and that largely disqualifies any optimism about the sun, even at this time of year. That's my excuse for the 75mph wind & rain last time.

Secondly; Despite having completed a short course of treatment a hip injury I picked up back in July is still causing me some grief. Nothing that prevents me starting my trip later next week, but a concern in case the damned thing tries to break down on the rougher terrain.

Somedays I can walk around my local area, and except for a occasional tug, hardly notice the problem. Other times, like this morning for example, the nagging ache accompanied me round a fast pace 4 miles over forest tracks.

The pain's not the problem. I spent many years distance running and became familiar with the seemingly ever-present calf ache that comes with improving performance.

No. It's more a tendency of my ageing frame's desire to handle the ache by unconsciously adjusting, which means trying to protect the hip just when I would rather have that side of the body placing a boot firmly where I would like it to stay put. How inconsiderate lol

It's a muscle/tendon problem rather than the joint, otherwise I don't think I would even consider setting out in the first place.

I'm hoping that gently getting into the walk will work this damned thing out of my system, and then all I've got to handle is the initial stiffness when I stop. Here's hoping.

But it's a worrying aspect, which hasn't supported any fitness preparation plans that I had prior to departure. Which means an easy first few days to check out everything works like it should (That's me, rather than the gear for a change)

I've even checked the route for a get out clause if things do turn sour.

So if early next Saturday morning you happen to drive over Honister Pass, and catch sight of drooping shoulders, next to a full backpack, disconsolately waiting for the regular bus back to Keswick, when every one else is heading onto the hills.
Then give me a wave - I'll need the boost.


I suggest adding a good deal of cod liver oil to your diet. It works wonders for me and my various joint pains and niggles.

An alternative is linseed oil (not too bad when mixed with something like cottage cheese).

Tried that already, but thanks for the tip.
It's a pull rather than general old age.

I hope
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