Saturday, August 5

Backpackers Club

Codale Tarn Wildcamp

A quick plug for the UK Backpackers Club.

I've picked up joining details for this club a few times over the years, but this time around I finally shelled out the £12 to join.

I'd no wild desire to spend my time on club meets and the like (that may change?), but the joining pack is full of extremely relevant information.

I especially like the directory of club friendly camping locations, and the wild camp spots mentioned, that I already know, are good ones. As camping off-campsite in my locality (Dorset) can be a little 'interesting' at times there's some good hints as to where I go locally.

The pack comes with a list of 'packing tips that have been compiled from members over the years. I thought with my particular bent for lateral thinking I'd have most covered already. But no. Here's fresh food for thought, based on each individual's experience - always the best way IMHO to check something really works.

There's a lot more stuff in the joining pack, including a very good discount on maps & mapping software.

I'm impressed with what I've seen so far, and am already kicking myself for not joining earlier (Who knows - I might even go on one of the meets if the people involved are this sensible!)

Any club that has Cameron McNeish & Chris Townsend on the committee, and prepared to actively support the club's aims, has to have a strong future.

You can find out more at The Backpacking Club

I`m been a member of the backpackers club for about 20 years.

I used to go on weekend trips but not so much these days.

Its definitly worth the money for the magazine and the camping directories.

I'd agree there George - can't think why I didn't join sooner
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