Monday, August 7

Not a happy backpacker

Second visit to the local chiro tomorrow.

I've somehow managed to over-extend a muscle lying across my hip
(I could tell you the name of the muscle but I can't face arguing with bloghost spellchecker)

It's not hugely painful, when its warmed up, but until then it feels like my hip isn't sitting in its socket quite right.

As I'm just recovering from a frozen shoulder on the same side of the body, and have a week long trip across the Lakeland tops in two weeks, I thought some professional hurry-up/assistance was in order.

I blame Dartmoor myself. Tiptoeing over the Okehampton army range early in July. Off the beaten track, and watching out for unexploded ordinance.

Note to self. ...
In future get fit before, not during, a long trip

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