Wednesday, August 9

Bless The Weather/A Good Read

Best place to be in the continuing heat here on the South Coast. I just hope the weather stays clear for my Lake District backpack later this month.

Some subtle gear improvement to prune a little more weight (Thermarest Pro 3 short to replace a full length clone - 1lb lost - hurrah!)

Now for some good reads to take with me.

I've just finished 'The Hike" by Don Shaw, a very enjoyable and easy to read novel based around walks in the Peak District. It starts off similar to Last of the Summer Wine, but then slowly increases the amount of local colour, nearly ending up as guide book to folklore and hidden spots in the Peaks. Made me wish I lived a bit nearer to try some of the gems out.

Whilst reading this I came across a reference to "Autobiography of a Supertramp" by W.H.Davies.

I've heard of this book before, and working on my usual theory, that if a title keeps cropping up, someone is trying to tell me something, I finally managed to track a used copy down earlier today. Quite a challenge as it dates back to 1910 and my Google search popped up quite a few 'E-Bay Wanted links'.

I never realised it was the source of the name for the band Supertramp, so perhaps the 'cult classic' tag has something to it? Especially as the author was also the one who penned:

"What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare ..."

Intriguing. Let's see if it matches the immortal "The Gentle Art of Tramping" by Stephen Graham from 1927. I've a handy sized A6 hardback that I think is due for another outing this time; Must be time for a reread. The carry weight is worth the pleasure. There's nothing special about this book, just that the author gets right inside the head of 'being out there'

Any recommendations for me to grab at in the days left before I depart?


Hi John.
If you haven't already read it, I'd thoroughly recommend Nick Crane's 'Clear Waters Rising' about his walk from Cap Finnesterra to Istanbul
Ooops, meant to add: If you enjoy Autobiography of a Supertramp, W H Davies also wrote 'Johnny Walker-Supertramp'
Cheers- I spotted the title on the flysheet. I'll see how this one goes first
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